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Communication 2.0 Features


Members can chat, group chat, and make phone calls (via our free phone bridge, saving you money) to other members in Projecis. When chatting, you can record, save and categorize key discussions. Group discussions are documented within the system and automatically saved for instant access.


Need to get in-touch with a team member urgently? Use Ping. You can send a message blast to a member's preferred modes of communication. Ping can send your message via chat, email, direct phone line, and SMS text – simultaneously if necessary!

Communication 2.0

Projecis brings Comm 2.0 features to your PC

Members can use Projecis chat/group chat to instant message other team members, and at any time, start to record their conversation. This is useful for documenting key points or decisions made when chatting about your project.

When you have an urgent matter and need to get in touch with someone on your team immediately wherever they are, use PING. It will send a message of your choosing to that team member via the various modes of contact they prefer (as set up in one's profile): email, direct line, mobile call or SMS text. PING can do this progressively (one mode at a time), or simultaneously for those truly critical times. No longer will you hear "Hey, I didn't get your message" from a team member!

Electronic Call/Conferencing

You can initiate calls within Projecis in two ways. Use industry-leading Skype® to make Skype-to-Skype calls with other Projecis members who have a Skype ID. Or, simply use our Call feature to make a direct connection between your primary phone device (landline or mobile) and a team member's primary phone device. Both devices will ring until answered by each party.

The Projecis Conferencing feature allows for a number of members to jump on one connection to discuss project topics.

These calls and conference methods are basically FREE for Projecis members! No paying for "phone minutes" (though, some wireless carriers charge for incoming calls). You can actually save money by connecting to team members using Projecis!