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A robust, feature-rich platform that goes where you go


knowledge cloud

Knowledge Convergence in the Cloud

Entire teams can access project content and each other instantly in the cloud
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Meeting Center

Don't work to make meetings. Make your meetings work for you!
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integrate projects

Work Integration

Integrate Projecis knowledge convergence with common software such as email and calendar tools
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Preview & Presence

Your virtual hub for project information and metrics! Review member status, roles, and profiles, while also having access to project information directly (tasks, files, news and more) via full display or menu options. See who's online and email, chat, call or communicate via Skype. The possibilities for communicating in Projecis Presence are endless.

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Video News Updates

Opt for professionally produced Video News Broadcasts with Projecis. All video newscasts are produced in the Projecis studios and provide a polished, professional feel to present to your client, your boss, even your board of directors. Status meetings and briefings will never be the same!

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knowledge cloud

Project Security & Member Qualifications

Define rules, secure projects and artifacts by team member and project
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Project History

Automatically generated audit trail tracks project content and actions
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project health

Project Health

Take the pulse of your Project's Health against the team leader's pre-set parameters
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Upload or Email Content to Projecis

knowledge cloud Projecis makes sharing and organizing data, documents and reports simple. Just upload or email them to your projects for access by the entire team or selected members. Content can be attached to any email and sent to the Projecis project email address for posting (after approval by the project leader). Enhanced member and group chat allows discussion on project artifacts to be documented and archived for later use. With Projecis, your project content is at your fingertips from anywhere!


calendarIssues Management

Track and stay up-to-date on issues that could affect your project health with the Ticketing system in Projecis. Users can generate issues, assign them to team members, monitor them, leave comments, and be notified when any issue is resolved. Issues can also be identified simply as "Feedback" or "Action Item" for greater flexibility with workflow. Use the Ticketing system to review past issues and resolutions to enhance future planning and processes.


news and alertsNews and Content Alerts

Get text news updates and content alerts each time you log into Projecis, or choose to get email or SMS text alerts for new content loaded for your project. You don't need to be logged in to get information from your Projecis projects. Never miss an update and receive these updates as timely as possible. It's the best way to get real time status updates on your project 24/7.


Communication 2.0 Features

& Call Transcripts

Team members can hold discussions, one-on-one or as a group, and make direct phone calls with other members. Utilize project group chat functionality by commenting on a member-generated topic or uploaded artifact. All discussions can be tracked or recorded to promote greater project awareness.

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Need to get in-touch with a team member urgently? Use Ping. You can send a message blast to a member's various modes of communication. Ping can send your message via chat, email, direct phone line, and SMS text — simultaneously if necessary!

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