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Projecis delivers visibility,
accountability, security and efficiency

Assemble and Assign

Assemble, Assign

Communicate with
Your Team

Team Communication

Load Data, Artifacts,
Files, Budgets & Tasks

Load Data, Artifacts, Files, Budgets, Tasks

Get Status on
"Project Health"

Project Health

The Projecis Advantage

  • Complete projects faster by increasing communication and information tracking
  • Improve development process by centralizing critical document access. All changes are tracked and users have access to essential documents anytime, anywhere
  • Security restrictions can be set at company and member-level, providing team members access to only the documents and information they need
  • Efficiently complete and track project data collection, respond to issues, monitor tasks, and review status reports
  • Purchase only the Projecis seats you need and add seats as more members are required for your projects
  • Monitor "Project Health" with metrics such as cost and project milestones. Your project's well-being is based on objectives, budget and timeline
  • Projecis pulls data nightly and sends you and your team automated reports in the morning
  • Professional Video News Reports produced by Projecis provide a polished status report for executives, clients, board members and partners
  • A Project's history is automatically stored and archived via "Project History." Use as a reference on future projects, employee training, or RFPs
  • Communication 2.0 features keep your team in contact via Skype, IM, landline and mobile phone (voice or text) — it's up to you!